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Who am I?

I’m a professional programmer and designer, specialized in microcontrollers.

I started working on the 6502, and then on the 8051derivatives, Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR, Fujitsu LX, ARM7-Cortex, ARM9, Hitachi H8 architectures and control programs on PCs.

I graduated in computer science at the Milan University, (with two scholarships from the Italian State and Olivetti Systems and Networks).

My forte are small, simplified designs were fantasy, ingenuity and simple elegance counts (aka karma yoga approach). These are probably the best explanations for many of international design prizes I won.

My direct hardware and software experience includes satellite meteorologic imaging system, custom interactive TV sets, weather station, portable satellite spectrum analyzer, broadcast TV quality monitor, industrial power meter, teletext data interface, washing industry controllers, hi-tech espresso brewing machines, power line distortion analyzer.

Currently I'm working for Eurek Elettronica , designing embedded controllers for industrial machinery and some very nice power measurement and control devices. I'm also visiting professor at the University of Urbino.

You can contact me at the addresses on the e-mail page.


My new creation: a programmable touch-screen

  • What makes this board special is that you can develop/debug/run the code on the PC   (PC library download).
  • Just recompile the same code to run on real hardware (here an 8-bit AVR microcontroller), without even leaving the IDE.
  • The elegantly simple GUI runs in 2K RAM

Board info and programming examples




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