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  • hobby electronics
  • intelligent remote controls
  • small automation tasks
  • education and school experiments
  • home automation
  • Nutchips are programmable chips with thousands of applications. Nutchips are different because they use truth tables instead of a programming language. This is what makes them so easy to use.

    A photocell, a wireless burglar alarm, a stepper motor driver, a timer, a remote control, a relay board for your PC... All of these circuits are easy to build with a Nutchip.

    You are not limited to zeroes and ones to fill a Nutchip's truth table. An embedded timer (from 1 mS to 1000 hours) an integrated remote control decoder (compatible with both infrared and radio frequency remotes), and an analog comparator make the chip even more versatile (block diagram here).

    why Nutchips are well suited for hobbysts, schools, magazines, kits and part vendors in this short note.

    The official web site is http://www.nutchip.com It includes complete documentation, and dozens of working projects for getting started. Parts of the site are in italian, please use the tranlastion "language tools" from Google for a funny but readable version.

    For your convenience, here is a page selection in english:


    In a nutshell: four inputs, four outputs, a remote control decoder, a precise timer, plus some handy pins including a serial port and analog comparator.

    Free software

    The software for editing truth tables and programming Nutchips is free for non-commercial use. Nutstation runs on any PC running Windows* and makes development an easy three-step process:

    fill the table with input and output combinations

    select your remote type, if used

    program chip - without even removing it from the circuit!!!

    Nutchip Commander is another useful program. It is a virtual remote control on your PC desktop.
    Commander connects to Nutchips using the serial port, and features green and red LEDs to monitor Nutchip input and output pin.
    It is easy and fun to control external hardware (lights, relays, LEDs, alarms) and to monitor external inputs (switches and logic levels), right from your PC

    Download from nutchip.com.


    Compatible with Basic Stamps™ and Visual Basic™

    Experienced users versed in PC or BS2 programming will enjoy the Nutchip serial port.
    Get remote control codes, check external switches, toggle relays with simple serial commands.
    The italian site features a special section full of examples in Pbasic, including reading remote control codes, programming a Nutchip using the same cable of Basic Stamp, and generating remote control codes with a BS2.   
    Basic Stamp is trade mark of Parallax Inc.

    I want one!

    Buy Nutchips online from Homotix (www.homotix.it). If you encounter difficulties just drop them an e-mail with your requests (they ship worldwide). They will be happy to respond in English.




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